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Presentation Description

The Millennial Revolution: How to Prepare Your Business for a New Generation 

The Millennial generation (a.k.a. “Gen Y”) is the largest living generation and already makes up about 1/3 of residential transactions.

In this high-energy and entertaining keynote, you will gain an understanding of how this generation is at work in the real estate industry to bring about heavy disruption. However, anytime there is great disruption, there is incredible opportunity for those who understand the changes to capitalize on them and set themselves apart from their competition.

After this session, you will understand the 5 key traits of this group and how those traits will guide why they buy, what they buy, how they buy and when they buy. You will also walk away with practical ideas that you can begin implementing into your real estate business.

Speaker Bio

Travis Robertson is a highly sought-after real estate business coach, trainer and national speaker. He has been educating, entertaining and motivating audiences on the topics of the Millennial Generation (a.k.a. “Gen Y”), high-performance marketing, business development, powerful and sustainable growth, team performance and leadership for close to a decade. 

Travis' background in marketing, technology and leadership development helped him hone his skills as an expert trend-spotter within the real estate industry, and his expertise is solicited by some of the most progressive organizations in the nation. His innate understanding of the generational challenges faced by agents and brokers, as well as his extensive grasp of technological advances and how they're transforming the industry, have earned him an unparalleled reputation.

His driving force is an unwavering passion to motive, inspire and train real estate professionals to unleash their unique talents in transforming not just their businesses, but also their lives. Travis believes that true success is attained only when we're living life on purpose, and finding true fulfillment is part of that purpose. Travis' mission in life is to help those he serves find fulfillment in their work and achieve dreams they never thought possible.

Travis has worked with some of the most recognized brands in real estate and has coached top-producing teams and individual agents across the globe. His message has reached thousands of real estate professionals around the world, and his views and insights have been featured in The Huffington Post, Southern Living, Work Style Magazine, The National Federation of Independent Businesses, The Residential Specialist, The Tennessean and many more.

Speaker Introduction

Travis is a highly sought-after real estate business coach, sales trainer and president of R-Squared - a new coaching and training partnership with Richard Robbins International. He is the foremost expert on marketing and selling across generations and his passion is teaching agents and brokers how to understand and capitalize on major trends in the real estate industry.

Please help me welcome Travis Robertson.

Video Presentation

CRS Sell-a-bration Keynote Presentation


“On behalf of RE/MAX World Headquarters, we want to thank you for your engaging and enlightening presentation at our 2012 Broker Owner Conference. Your presentation played an instrumental role in the success of our conference, and helped to make it a memorable experience for everyone. As evidenced from the outstanding feedback we’ve received on your presentation, our RE/MAX Affiliates benefited tremendously. We’re so grateful to you for sharing your knowledge and experience.”

~Pam Harris, Vice-President of Event Management, RE/MAX World Headquarters

“Speakers can be like Russian roulette sometimes, never knowing how it’s going to turn out. We chose Travis Robertson to close our event … and Travis absolutely killed it! Conversations continued for months after our event based on his session. I highly recommend Travis for your next event.”

~Brad Nix, CEO & Co-Producer of REtechSouth


I was at a conference when Travis took the stage and was simply blown away. His delivery, message, stage presence and attitude were close to perfection. I immediately called an organization I consult with and said, “Get this guy on the schedule IMMEDIATELY.”

~Brian Copeland, Chair, Young Professionals Network at National Association of Realtors and Executive Committee Member of the Council of Residential Specialists

“Few speakers can deliver a message in the powerful way Travis does. He cares about his audience and engages them fully. The best part of seeing Travis speak is how the audience always wants more. I’ll always hire Travis to speak at my events because he makes my life easier and makes me look good.”

~John Morgan, Author, Brand Against the Machine & CEO of Brand Against the Machine


“That was the most fascinating and pertinent presentations NASP has had in some time. Add in your speaking and communication skills and it was superb! There is not one company out there today who would not benefit from the information you provide.

~Cindy Hazen, Founder, Sales Executives Professional Recruitment


“Travis’s words have inspired, challenged, and pushed me to grow in so many ways. I know my business has vastly improved from working with him, but I also see improvements in my life as well. If you’re looking for a speaker who understands today’s challenges and offers innovative solutions for your business, Travis will not disappoint!

~Darne Ridgely, Keller Williams Realty


“Awesome presentation!! You batted cleanup and hit a grand slam!

~Rigo Silva, Maximum One Realty


“We were honored to have Travis speak at our event. His topic was not only very timely, but he was very entertaining and energetic as well! Travis gave us tremendous information on the millennial generation: what they want, their lifestyle and how they communicate. And most importantly, how to work with them in the Real Estate world. We highly recommend Travis as a speaker to anyone as a “High Quality and on the Leading Edge” presenter. Travis’s presentations are not just related to Real Estate but to all companies in this rapidly evolving economy.

~Pat Smith, Northern California Council of Residential Specialists Chapter